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Unicake BAG Wedding

The best products from Unique is Unicake Bag Wedding series, it emphasized the atmosphere of lovely happiness of Unique products and also the products that we are proud of.

This is a traditional culture that giving the visitosr a small thank-gift after participating a wedding in the Europe and America. Unicake bag Wedding series is the best choice, especially the sweet love shape, various classic flavors and the wish card with special design. Unicake Bag Wedding series is the most astonishing and charming gift and bring the wedding more and more happiness.





Unicake bag is light, modern, colorful and lovely, when you fold it up, it looks like a yummy cake and suddenly becomes a functional shopping bag as you open it up.

Unicake is the product with a sense of taste, warmth and joy.  You will embrace the taste of happiness and be eager to share with your freinds such an incredible and charming product.