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  An aesthetic life full of imagination

Imagination is everything; it lets us foresee the infinite possibilities of the future.

Imagine cultures in a city becoming our very own elements.

Imagine carefree leisure time and tranquil living

Imagine unrestrained and passionate potentials for sports, beating fully.

Imagine the histories of totems, a retro sentiment that turns back time.


Imagination goes beyond time and space; it is a common, universal language ,and needs no translations. We have infused all kinds of emotions from the future into the designs of the bags, your imagination, and your own individual elements.


Deya, a brand born in Taiwan, is our imagination and realization of a beautiful life. Living should be stylish, and Deya has no boundaries, only resonance. We stand high above the ground, overlooking our lives, and imagining what kind of bags do we need, and what kind of connection does it have with our preferences, needs, and emotions?

Deya’s logo  is the product of our imagination and thinking and it highlights the expectations we have for the brand. Limitless designs, unrestrained imaginations, and the incorporation of freedom, rhythm, classic, and fashion into elements of the theme of imagination.

You can have your own definition for the bag, and no matter what kind of needs people have, our products will appear right on time, satisfying the demands of stylish and tasteful people about leisure, sports, travelling, and work!Deya might even see your desires and inspire your imagination one step ahead of you!



Oxford Street

views of Oxford Street, City Style Series


Full of Buses, telephone booths, and taxis, the Oxford Street in England has a rich cultural atmosphere and vibrant colors. Old buildings are filled with hidden innovations and vitality of the new generation. It has the grace of hundred years royalty and the freedom of millions of common people. Here, you can explore any time, taking with you, your very own New England style Deya Bag.


Wind on a bicycle, Freetime Style Series


Slowly pronounce bicyclette in French, you will feel a soft spring wind blowing across your face, bringing a light but attractive smile to both your lips and hair. The scent of flowers on the side of the road and a breeze of freedom at 22oC degrees, this is the easy life of Deya that is so hard to resist! Have fun riding in your relaxed state of mind!



Deya Sport

Leaping actively, Sport Style Series


You can experience sports that are passionate and powerful, full of praise, roaring applause, and the carefree feeling of sweat dripping down, within the Deya Sports series. No need for words, just move along with the music, follow the tempo of your heartbeat, stretch yourself, and hand your body and soul over to the brilliant sunshine! Enjoy sports with Deya!

Bohemia Geometry

Fashionable geometry of BohemiaClassic Style Series


The style of Bohemia Fashion is full of imaginations, freedom, romance, and geometry. If you aspire to be a maverick and want to enjoy a boundless life, then you are a perfect fit for the classical yet fashionable Bohemian style with strong visual designs. Unique and elegant geometry brings out the extraordinary characters, so embrace Bohemia Geometry and experience the best cultural life with Deya